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96% of Baguio deep wells illegal – BWD

Ninety six percent of the more than 500 deep wells that are operating in the city are illegal, a senior official of the Baguio Water District (BWD) said recently.

BWD general manager Engr. Salvador M. Royeca said that the proliferation of illegal deep wells in various parts of the city cause the depletion of the city’s aquifers that also affects the water district’s capability to provide the increasing number of consumers with adequate supply of safe and potable water.

The BWD official claimed that of the more than 500 deep wells in the city, only 20 were issued the necessary permits from the National Water Resources Board (NWRB).

Royeca pointed out that there should be a concerted effort among concerned government agencies, the local government and the public to go after the operation of illegal deep wells in the city to help in allowing the aquifers to recharge and prevent the rampant presence of their unpermitted existence, privately or commercially.

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